Matthias Van Lent is a trailblazing force in melodic techno and house music. With an uncanny ability to create tracks like a high-speed train (starting May this year), he's achieved significant success in an short periode of time. His initial releases not only resonated with listeners around the globe, but also garnered support from DJs and quality Spotify playlists, launching him into the charts.

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Unreleased tracks

These previews, produced within the last three months, showcase a diverse range of styles. Two of them delve into darker tones with deep basslines, perpetual melodies, and experimental sound design. The other two offer more uplifting vibes with minimal beats, catchy hooks, and vibrant synths that bring an energetic and danceable feel.

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Matthias Van Lent, formerly known as Maxmoody (+600K streams // Belgium), is primed to make a compelling entry into the booming Brazilian techno scene. 

Hailing from Belgium, Matthias has earned a reputation for his innovative fusion of mesmerizing melodies and captivating rhythms that have made him a respected figure in the electronic music industry of Europe. (Played at Tomorrowland, Balaton, Dimensions, …)

His global travels had exposed him to the pulsating beats and infectious energy of the Brazilian techno scene, fueling his creative fire. As he took the decks in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro,… he decided to start a new artist ‘alter ego’, under his own name Matthias Van Lent.

With his proven track record and undeniable talent, Matthias is set to become a rising star in the Brazilian techno scene, drawing attention from record labels eager to work with him and showcase his music to a wider audience.

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